Saturday, January 9, 2010

War of the commanding rights...Sort of...

Some kids...Are REALLY stubborn. For instance, Mudkip, treeko, and Totadile are driving me CRAZY!!! Let me tell you the whole story, (DEEP BREATH!)Well, I was left in charge of while everyone was supposed to go to bed, And I had to call mom twice to get them in there beds. Another thing that's been bothering me lately, Is my little brother Totadile's temper. He gets worked up over the tiniest little thing. Like, not being able to play video games, or getting spanked for throwing his peas on the floor so he won't have to eat them, or getting privileges taken away for breaking the rules. And guess what, he blames me for all of it! Can you believe that!!! It's so infuriating!!!

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