Thursday, January 14, 2010

Florida? I don't think so!

If anyone thinks my life long dream is to live in Florida, they don't Know the meaning of my existance. I can think of ten good reasons to NOT live there...

1. I'm afraid of sharks.
2. I'm scared enough of lightning already.
3. If you think sea snakes are not the most poisonous snake in the world, Your Crazy!
4. Crabs are fine, But one of my fears is to be stung by a jellyfish.
5. Pythons roam free in Florida!
6. Alligators Got into someone's house before in Florida, and they'll do it again!
7. I'm TERRIFIED of spiders.
8. Tornadoes are scary!
9. If you want to drown, live in Florida There are tsunamis there. They happen often!
10. The hurricanes in Florida cause more tornadoes!

Now ten reasons to live in western Washington...

1. No poisonous snakes!
2. Lots of fresh air and pine trees.
3. No pytons, only garter snakes.
4. Alligators hate it here, we only have skinks (that's a kind of lizard).
5. Farming is great here! And lots of forest to play in.
6. Sharks? It's too cold for them here.
7. Lots of birds!
8. If you live in Kitsap, Every thing is by the water! Well, almost everything...
9. In winter, It actually snows!
10. The vampires and were-wolves in Forks don't hunt humans.

So, The evergreen state is AWESOME!!!!!!!!


Annalia Romero said...

Hey, this reminds me a little of your "I hate Texas post". :)

Sarah said...

You've convinced me, Sofia. I think I would choose western Washington over Florida in a second! (although, I think I was already leaning that way before your post.)

Jeszie said...

Jellyfish stings are not that bad as long as you pee on them right away.

I would rather live in Washington than Florida too.

Ender a.k.a. Nicholas

Jeszie said...

You are right I wouldn't like to live in Florida either. I would list the same reasons you did and add not to live there because I have CRAZZY SCARY family in Florida. They actualy shoot at eachother and try to kill. Fighting over the best piece of swamp. They are messed up!

I'd rather live in Washington.

Jeszie said...

I would take Forks vampires and were-wolves over aligators, jellyfish, sharks, tsunamis, hurricanes and snakes any day!