Sunday, January 17, 2010

I never thought.....

that a sunday could be so...How should I put this?...Awkward. Yeah. Thats the word. Yup. It was awkward. It all started when Mamalia woke me up and said, "Wake up. It's 8:30." I Thought she had said "Take thirty" Which means(For those who didn't Know) sleep for thirty more minutes. So I said (In my mind.) "Sleep for thirty more minutes? OK. ZZZZZZZZZZ." And we were an hour late for church because of me...Yeah... Then we came home and I was in my room Writing in my journal when I heared mamalia yelling "Sofia Romero! Come down here NOW!" I thougt I was in trouble. But mom wanted me to try a fried tortilla with butter and cinnamon-sugar on it. Yum! So there, My sunday was awkward.


Jeszie said...


Jeszie said...

You are so funny. I like to go back to sleep too.