Thursday, January 21, 2010


We went to Forks the other day and it was AWESOME!!! Yup, it was fun. we saw a log taller then our car!!! We also went to 2 twilight stores. One was like, a few shelves, and some other stuff. But the other one, when we went in I was amazed. It looked like a forest in there! And they were also playing the movie "Twilight" in there store. Which was pretty awesome. They had this thing covered with magnets, and one of them said: "I want to La push Jacob of a cliff". Isn't that hilarious? They had a ton of stuff in there, Magnets, key chains, tee-shirts, a lot of stuff. But I couldn't afford ANYTHING!!! The good thing is that Mamalia is planning to go to Forks another time in the summer. We also went into this place that was right next to the forest. So we played in the forest for awhile. Ther was a ravine witha creek at the bottom, a giant tree stump where the inside was carved out so it was like a fort, It was amazing! I think Mudkip wants to be an evil vampiress like Victoria.
Oh, Aunt Rachel! we saw a bee bus!

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Jeszie said...

You are so lucky you got to go to Forks. Did you see any vampires or were-wolves in the forest?