Monday, January 31, 2011

I can , like, FLY!

Please take your seat. Our future information will now be read. Thank you.

That title is a liar too... Mabye.
I know I've been writing complete nonsense latley, but I have nothing else to do while I wait for VOTES, thank you very much!

I can float in a BUBBLE!!!

Anyway, I had P.E. today, and all last week I was hating myself for something, but now I feel all better! ( No comments asking what it was about, please. And to whom it may concern, It is most certainly not, I repeat NOT about boys. That will be all.)

And all day I thought the date for the next half of HP7 had moved up to next week, but I checked, It's not until july. Oh, and I found out there's going to be a the hunger games movie. And believe me when I say it's probably going to be WAY too violent for us young people.

That will be all, thank you for attending this assembly.


Annalia said...

It was about....boy...not boys.

B.G. said...

That comment is a liar.

Sarah said...

what? your mom doesn't lie!