Sunday, March 1, 2009

You need Medicine,P.L.C (Pucca Loving Care), and funny videos

I got my Pucca doll back! Happy day! And my mom said: "It's strange that two people make the same thing and they look completly different." She's referring to grandma Cozzete because she used the same pattern and it looks completly diferrent. I saw somthing soooooo funny. It's called laser cats. mom thought it was too silly so i think it's too funny for adults. and I also saw somthing called: People getting punched before eating. It's so funny!


Sarah said...

So you have two puccas?

Jeszie said...

Tell your mom that I think the Puccas are different because your Grandma followed the pattern and I always change a pattern somehow. Sometimes on purpose... sometimes by mistake.

I am glad you have Pucca back!