Monday, February 16, 2009

Washington good, Texas bad....

I really think that next time it snows it should last longer. And that's another reason to live in Washington, not Texas. I mean, who would want to live in Texas?
Cowgirls are one thing and Pikachus are another. I can name ten reason why I could not stand Texas: 1. I can't stand too much heat.
2. The rattle snakes aren't at all friendly.
3. It almost never snows.
4. Crabs, I'm OK with, but JELLYFISH?!
5. Getting snowed in is much better than Tornados.
6. If I can't stand garden spiders, tarantulas will scare me to death!
7. Alligators are already scary in captivity, imagine them wild!
8. If anyone thinks scorpions are the nice, they've gone yoicks!
9. A stamp with a cow on it is one thing, a stampede is another.
10. I would choose a whale over a shark any day.

And if you think that stuff is bad, just look at Florida.....

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