Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stuff for first years

This is my design for a much bigger robe and accsecorries. But I'm still going to use this one.
(P.S.:Replicas will be especially made for all people who want them. Oh, and don't tell any one that mom took us to Twilight. seriosly, DON'T TELL ANYONE! This message brought to you in part by Sofia Romero. Thank you)

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Jeszie said...

You are so lucky. I want to see Twilight. It will come out on DVD March 21st. We are planning a Twilight Movie Party for the DVD release. It will be so much fun but, would be more fun if you were here. I wish you could come.

Maybe we could have twin parties so it would be like you were here. We could plan the same games, and foods and stuff and watch the DVD at the same time. It would be so much FUN!
Love, Christina