Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow , wolves, and water slides

We had a very interesting weekend. It all started When we were going out to Poulsbo to play our violins and it started to snow! And when we got to Poulsbo, IT WAS 46 DEGREES! so I had to play in the freezing cold on a violin with no rosin on it! Then, we went to silverdale and went to toys'r'us. And then we went to Sharie's and went to the movies. then we played in the snow on sunday morning, went to church, and headed of to the great wolf lodge. They had water slides called the howin' tornado, alberta falls, and the roarin' river canyon. They also had a gigantic bucket that dumped every ten minutes!
I had alot of fun. My favorite part was the water park, and my favorite ride was the howlin' tornado. It just seems like a normal ride at first until the big sidways drop. (P.s.: Next time, we're taking mom on the howlin' tornado:)

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grandma linda said...

love your blog Sofia and feel honored to be included in your long list of things you like. Glad you guys had fun at wolf lodge.love ya!