Friday, September 17, 2010

Ack! The cleanliness! It BURNS!!!!

Well, if were moving in January, I'll have to do without a nice lair of junk on my floor. But I didn't clean it , so I have no clue whatsoever were ANYTHING is. The good thing about moving is that if your homeschooled all you have to do all day is watching the youngerlings and watch movies. Unless, of course you're writing a book so exiting even you're exited to see what happens. (you didn't hear anything!!!) AND if you have better things to do than watch Max and Ruby over and over all day. Or, (if you can.) You can make a movie mixing to very popular TV shows to make an awesome series. (you DEFINITLY didn't hear anything!!!)


Annalia said...

Ok, Sofia, you're grounded from your blog, and you have to do double school tomorrow!

Pikaness said...

My name is not sofia, it's Pikachu.